Rebuilds and Refacing


A chimney rebuild is the process of tearing down a chimney either partially (i.e., to the roofline) or all the way down to the ground and rebuilding the chimney with new bricks and mortar.

This needs to be done when there are so many deteriorating bricks that just replacing the bad bricks will not work.

The cost of a chimney rebuild is determined by the quality of brick chosen and the amount of labor in days required to do the job.

There are full rebuilds, i.e., the entire chimney from the ground up, and partial rebuilds i.e., only rebuilding the top portion of the chimney that is not salvageable.

Because a chimney is essentially built up the side of a house or just built from the roof up, it is not attached.

We protect the structure from the elements with tarps and scaffolding to keep water out of the structure.

Erik Thoren Chimney cleaning and repair has over 35 years of experience performing rebuilds of over 1000 chimneys in that time. We provide a 10-year warranty on all rebuilds that we perform.

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